Bi-xenon: Morimoto Mini (H1)


UPDATES: Higher tension solenoid return springs, RHD availability, quick-disconnect solenoid wiring plugs & pigtails, better quality chrome finish on the shrouds!

Fresh out of development with our international cooperators, the Morimoto Mini Bixenons

are a hot new release for Spring 2010.

These are perfect for retrofits into small housings such as ones for sport bikes, snowmobiles, or automotive fog lights.

Compared to all other high performance xenon/bi-xenon projectors, the new Mini is significantly smaller, but packs a big performance punch.

Performance wise, this projector keeps up with the big boys like the TL/ZKW-R and FX-R bi-xenon, with only marginally less light output, making them great when you consider size.

Uses the same 2.5" clear lens that comes pre-installed on the FX-R bi-xenons, giving it an intensely lit beam with a sharp and colorful upper cutoff line.

They have 4 corner mounting holes, but also allow for installation without cutting via their threaded lock nut install option similar to other aftermarket G1/G3 projectors.

The new Mini bi-xenon is the first "modification free" high performance projector from TRS

Here the projectors are sold as a pair for $125.

Whats Included?

  • 2x Brand new Mini Bi-xenon projectors (Low/High Beams)

  • 2x Mini Gatling Gun shrouds (yes, shrouds are included)

  • 2x Sets of mounting hardware (lock rings, H7/H4 adapter plates, rubber crush washers)

  • 2x Alcohol prep pads for the bulbs

  • 1x TRS decal 1-year worry free replacement warranty

  • Personalized after-sale customer support and "how-to" PDF's are available upon request.


Vehicles: Ideal for vehicles that use "dual filament" halogen bulbs with very small housings

Other Applications: Also good as a 2nd projector to fit in tight spaces for quad retrofits or foglight upgrades.

Bulbs "H1" HID only.

Ballasts Any from Street Obsessions or TRS

Shrouds/Bezels Mini Gatlings, E46-R, E55-R, Apollo, Ocular, Gatling, GTi-R.


136mm (5.35" inches)

Max Height 70mm (2.75 inches)

Max Width 80mm (3.14 inches)

Lens Diameter 2.5 inches

To purchase these projectors, please CLICK HERE to go to the TRS Store.



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