Bi Xenon: FX-R


Since their introduction in early 2009, the FX-R Bi-xenon projectors have grown to be the most popular projector that we offer.



Unlike OEM projectors, these were designed for use in a custom headlight retrofit, offering several advantages over other projectors.



The external shape is more retrofit friendly with a shorter height profile compared to the OEM FX35's and 4 corner mounting holes added to their cast body.



They come with quick-disconnect plugs pre-installed to the ends of the solenoid input wires, as well as bare-ended pigtails to plug into them, making your high beam wiring fully plug-n-play. The low beam performance on the FX-R projectors is among the best, and high beam performance is second to none.



These projectors come pre-optimized with our FX-R clear lenses to give them an intensely lit beam pattern with a sharply defined and colorful cutoff line.



No need for any colormods or other upgrades to get that aesthetically appealing band of colorful light across the top of the beam pattern, which will give these projectors tons of color-flicker.



Available in LHD and RHD versions. (LHD = North American standard)



Whats Included?

  • 2x Brand new FX-R bi-xenon projectors (Low/High Beams)

  • 2x FX-R optically clear lenses (pre-installed, beam optimized)

  • 2x bulb spacers for enhanced beam coverage (pre-installed)

  • 2x Alcohol prep pads for the D2S bulbs

  • 1x TRS decal 1-year worry free replacement warranty Personalized after-sale customer support and "how-to" PDF's are available upon request.

  • TRS assurance: We cannot begin to count the number of times customers come to us looking for just one projector a part of one because the ones they "bought on eBay" were damaged, mis-matched, or missing something. Unlike the random vendors out there selling similar parts for a slightly lower price, TRS guarantees you that the projectors you'll receive from us will include all necessary parts such as the bulb clips, solenoid inputs, cutoff shields. We can also assure you they will not be damaged in any way such as having a tarnished chrome finish inside the reflector bowl, a bent body, or a cracked lens.


Vehicles: Ideal for vehicles that use "dual filament" halogen bulbs (9003, 9004, 9007, H13 etc)



Other Vehicles: Can also be used in applications where there is a separate halogen high beam bulb.



Bulbs "D2S" only (w/ exception of Osram and generic)



Ballasts All available from TRS or Street Obsessions




Shrouds/Bezels GTi-R, Gatling, E46-R extended, E55-R, Ocular (no trimming)




Max Depth: 140mm (5.50" inches)

Max Height 99.5mm (3.90 inches)

Max Width 85mm (4.35 inches)

Lens Diameter 2.5 inches



To purchase these projectors, please CLICK HERE to go to the TRS Store.



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